For medical devices and food products
Technology of food processing by e-beam accelerator
International company "Beam Complex" is a manufacturer of personal sterilization complexes based on electron beam accelerator. Electron-beam (or e-beam) is a stream of high-energy electrons propelled from an electron accelerator into food. At first, electron-beam accelerator generates and accelerates electrons close to light velocity, then electrons go directly into the products surface and destroy DNA of microbes, bacteria, insects etc. therefore the products are sterilized and shelf life of products is increased in many times.
"Beam Complex" uses in its sterilization complexes electron-beam accelerators produced by the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia.
Electrons break DNA chains of microorganisms.
Sterilization of medical equipment ensures complete destruction of microorganisms and undesirable bacteria in the material. There is no risk of recontamination because all medical equipment and instruments are processed in package. Sterilization by e-beam accelerator facility of food products helps to completely destroy all pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria, Bacillus cereus and also all dangerous insect-pests, such as Grain weevil, Corn borer, Saw-toothgrain beetle, Drosophila (fruit fly), fungi, mold and many other pathogenic microorganisms, which prevents food spoilage and increase shelf life of food products.

During the processing of food products by e-beam accelerator implementation of radioactive isotopes is excluded, which provides their safety. Sterilization facility is electrically powered. The process is relatively fast and totally safe; there is no residual radiation in the food products after irradiation, so they can be handled immediately after the treatment. This is absolutely harmless sterilization method that does not affect organoleptic qualities of food product, taste and color remain unchanged.
Safety and efficiency of e-beam sterilization method
No Cobalt-60.
No residual radiation in the food product after irradiation.
Absolute destruction of microorganism, shelf life of food products increases.
Organoleptic properties of food products remain unchanged after sterilization.
High bactericidal resistance of medical equipment after sterilization.
Ecologically friendly method.
Sterilization of food products does not affect organoleptic properties; color and taste remain unchanged, because e-beam sterilization method is attended with low level of energy and does not cause significant biochemical transformations in it. There is no residual radiation in food product after sterilization. Electron-beam sterilization method maintains nutrition value of food products after processing and provides guaranteed quality with longer shelf life. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates undergo very little modify in nutritional value through irradiation. In the same way, the essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements are also unchanged. There can be a decrease in certain vitamins (mostly thiamin) but these are of the same order of magnitude as occurs in other manufacturing processes such as drying or canning.
The method is completely safe and harmless. There is a Guaranteed level of bactericidal action of medical equipment after sterilization. All pathogenic microorganisms such as spores etc. inside the material are died, which makes it safe for clinical image.
Advantages of using our sterilization complexes
Variants of placement of sterilization complex in production.
The compact size lets us place it promptly in the production area of your company and doesn`t claim for seperate building, you can see it on the picture with number 1. Also there is a possibility to locate sterilization complex close to production area in seperate building and provide services for particular producer as well as for other companies.
Electricity saving. Sterilization facility is electrically powered, which means that companies will conserve electricity by spending it only during sterilization process, you can switch it off when you need.
There is no need to utilize radioactive waste, there is no contamination from chemicals and Cobalt, ecologically friendly method. Absolute protection from background radiation.
The opportunity of skilled employees of your company to control the dose of radiation during the process of sterilization.
The complexes can be placed and used in the beginning of technological process and in any other phase of production. If the products are sterilized in the early beginning of technological process, therefore there is no possibility of your production facilities infection. Taking into account the fact that all technological process of sterilization is aseptic, repeated infection of pathogenic bacteria is excluded and sterilization of the packed products is not necessary.
The absence of cargo handling operations excludes the faults in air-tightness. The absence of auto shipment to third-party sterilization complex necessity excludes transportation costs, the risk of temperature abuse, safety violation during the transportation.
The company manufactures sterilization complexes with different productivity for more effective work. Our sterilization complex in terms of maximum productivity can irradiate up to 100 tons per hour.
The opportunity of mechanization and automation of the technological process.
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