«Beam Complex» company produces compact sterilization complexes for processing various types of products. The complexes are based on an electron-beam accelerator and sterilize products by ionizing radiation. One of the unique features of our complexes is the body of the complex, which is made with radiation protection.

The complexes have everything required for the installation directly inside an existing enterprise without additional financial costs for the construction of radiation protection and supporting systems.
Our sterilization complexes consist of:

1. electron-beam accelerator
2. radiation protection
3. conveyor system
4. cooling system
5. ozone extraction system
6. control system

The complex is designed to meet all the requirements of technological and nuclear oversight.

The complexes are fully operational, the installation does not require any additional construction works, only the availability of electricity with a capacity of 250 kW.
Electrons break DNA chains of microorganisms.
Technology of food processing by e-beam accelerator

Electron-beam (or e-beam) is a stream of high-energy electrons propelled from an electron accelerator into food. At first, electron-beam accelerator generates and accelerates electrons close to light velocity, then electrons go directly into the products surface and destroy DNA of microbes, bacteria, insects etc. therefore the products are sterilized and shelf life of products is increased in many times.

Sterilization of medical equipment ensures complete destruction of microorganisms and undesirable bacteria in the material. There is no risk of recontamination because all medical equipment and instruments are processed in package. Sterilization by e-beam accelerator facility of food products helps to completely destroy all pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria, Bacillus cereus and also all dangerous insect-pests, such as Grain weevil, Corn borer, Saw-toothgrain beetle, Drosophila (fruit fly), fungi, mold and many other pathogenic microorganisms, which prevents food spoilage and increase shelf life of food products.

During the processing of food products by e-beam accelerator implementation of radioactive isotopes is excluded, which provides their safety. Sterilization facility is electrically powered. The process is relatively fast and totally safe; there is no residual radiation in the food products after irradiation, so they can be handled immediately after the treatment. This is absolutely harmless sterilization method that does not affect organoleptic qualities of food product, taste and color remain unchanged.
Safety and efficiency of e-beam sterilization method
No Cobalt-60
No residual radiation in the food product after irradiation
Absolute destruction of microorganism, shelf life of food products increases
Organoleptic properties of food products remain unchanged after sterilization
High bactericidal resistance of medical equipment after sterilization
Ecologically friendly method
Sterilization of food products does not affect organoleptic properties; color and taste remain unchanged, because e-beam sterilization method is attended with low level of energy and does not cause significant biochemical transformations in it. There is no residual radiation in food product after sterilization. Electron-beam sterilization method maintains nutrition value of food products after processing and provides guaranteed quality with longer shelf life. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates undergo very little modify in nutritional value through irradiation. In the same way, the essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements are also unchanged. There can be a decrease in certain vitamins (mostly thiamin) but these are of the same order of magnitude as occurs in other manufacturing processes such as drying or canning.
The method is completely safe and harmless. There is a Guaranteed level of bactericidal action of medical equipment after sterilization. All pathogenic microorganisms such as spores etc. inside the material are died, which makes it safe for clinical image.
Advantages of replacement of Cobalt-60 by a complex with an electron-beam accelerator
You have a unique opportunity to dispense gradually with the need of Cobalt-60 and to use more effective and eco-friendly electron-beam method of sterilization instead
Economic benefit
There is no need to update and purchase Cobalt-60 every time after its
the expiration date. A company pays only for the electricity which provides the operation of electron-beam accelerator
Expedited processing
During e-beam sterilization you get an additional function of fast processing of products with low thickness
Expansion of the range of processed products
The complex operates in two modes: e-beam and x-ray allowing the producer to process goods which cannot be treated by Cobalt
X-ray mode allows to process the same products as Cobalt. A company is able to continue the fulfilment of client's orders
Continuity of the process of sterilization
It is possible to install the complex with electron-beam accelerator without stopping the operation of Cobalt. No additional construction works are required. A company is able to continue the process of sterilization nonstop
Personnel of your company can easily be retrained to work with electron-beam accelerator. Staff would not lose their jobs
Transport system retention
It is possible to integrate the complex with the existing transport system which is used for Cobalt treatment delivery
No need to acquire any additional permissions
The license for processing products by Cobalt-60 permits to work with electron-beam accelerator
Advantages of placing our sterilization complexes inside your production area
Options of placement of sterilization complex in production:
1) in a finished goods warehouse;
2) in a separate building connected by a conveyor system with a finished goods warehouse.

100% guarantee of treatment. Personnal is able to control the radiation dose while processing
The cost of products' processing decreases due to the ability to use electricity power more effectively. The electricity power is required only during the process of sterilization. It is also possible to reduce the cost using electricity at the lowest rates
No transportation cost for delivery products to the third-party organization's sterilization services. No threats of changes in the temperature regime and damage of products during the delivery for sterilizing
Due to the compact size of the complex it is possible to place it directly inside the production area. It can also be located in a seperate building close to a finished goods warehouse. A company is capable of processing its own goods as well as providing sterilization services for other companies
Ecologically friendly method as there is no need to utilize radioactive waste. Cobalt-60 is not used by our sterilization system. Absolute protection from background radiation
Our sterilization complexes are produced according to the demands of each clients and the type of processed products.
The technology has the following specificities:
a. if the thickness of processed product is lower than 2,7 inches, the maximum productivity is up to 100 ton/hour

b. the time of changing the mode from e-beam to x-ray is 20 minutes
The ability to connect the complex with the existing conveyor system inside the production area
The ability to install the sterilization complex without stopping the production process of the manufacturer
The ability to process products with a temperature from -32℃ (-89°F) to +45℃ (+113°F)
Technical characteristics of the complexes
· Electron-beam accelerator ILU-10
Energy – 5 MeV, Power – 100 kW. Two modes: e-beam and x-ray mode. The time of changing the mode from e-beam to x-ray is 20 minutes.

· Conveyor system
It is Produced according the requirements of the customer. Maximum size of processed products is 43×24×24 inches. The conveyor speed is adjustable. Maximum speed is 59 inch/sec. Maximum weight of the product is 70 kg/m2. It is possible to use additional devices to turn over packages with products.

· Cooling system

It consists of: 1) chiller with the power of 250 kW; 2) cooling tower with the power of 250 kW.

· Ozone extraction system
It provides tenfold air exchange in the ionization chamber.

Electricity power consumption of the complex is 600 kW/hour.

· Temperature operation mode of the complex

It ranges from +15℃ (59°F) to +45℃ (+113°F). Temperature mode of the processing products is from –32℃ (-89°F) to +45℃ (+113°F).

The process of sterilization is relatively fast and totally safe; there is no residual radiation in the food products after radiation.
The size of a standard complexes is 472x157x196 inches. The total weight of the complex after filling with a special metal powder of radiation protection case is 300 tons.

Compact design and radiation protection makes our complexes unique, reliable and easy to operate. This makes it easy to place them directly inside an existing enterprise without building any additional premises. It is also possible to place the complexes at storage sites and transshipment points. Company is ready to install the complexes in any place that would be convenient for a producer.

Dear customers,

For your convenience we kindly ask you to download and complete the form below and send it to us by e-mail

A form for the processing of food products: Form 1
A form for the processing of medical devices: Form 2
What is ionising sterilization?
It is the sterilizing process that employs a source of energy capable of ionizing the atoms in the molecules that constitute materials.
How does the ionization energy works on the sterilization process and microbial load reduction?
The ionizing radiation breaks the microorganisms DNA chain, killing them or rendering them incapable of reproducing themselves.
Do the treated products become radioactive?
Processing by electron beam radiation does not leave residual radiation when processed in the electron beam mode with energy up to 10 MeV, and in X-ray mode with energy up to 7.5 MeV.
In which case is e-beam technology indicated?
The process can be used to disinfect, decontaminate or sterilize different types of products in order to improve the safety of the treated product. It is also useful to improve the physicochemical and mechanical propertiesof certainmaterials. There are no restrictions to itsapplication, but tests should be carried out in order to establish the correct dosage of energy to be applied to the product that is going to be processed. Due to its high penetration capacity, this technology is indicated for products from low to high density, allowing them to be treated inside their final packaging, no matter the number of package layers or the packaging geometry.
How does the e-beam technology work, and in what situation is it indicated?
The radiation process by e-beam facility, exposes the products to beams of accelerated electrons with high energy. The electrons lay downtheir energy on the products, causing the "molecule ionization", essential to achievethe expected result. The process can be used to disinfect, decontaminate or sterilize different types of products in order to improve the safety of the treated product. Another very important application of electron beams is material modification, as the reticulation reaction in polymers. The technology is more suitedfor processing products with low density.However, its suitability for products with other properties has also been demonstrated.
Which are the types of microorganisms and in which stages of their development are this technologies effective?
The technologies are effective for all kinds of microand macroorganisms(insects) in anystage of development. Some microorganisms are more sensitive than others, and for this reason, tests should be carried out to obtain the correct energy dosage.

What is a ionizing radiation dose?
It is the amount of energy absorbed by the product being treated by ionizing radiation. The measurement unit is the KGy (Kilogray), which is determined by the time the product is exposed to the ionizing radiation.
Which are the criteria for defining the sterilization dose?
The definition of sterilization dosage is based on two criteria:
1. The information about initial microbial load for the product, i. e., the initial contamination
2. The expected result in terms of reduction of microbial load or sterility.
What is the ideal temperature for carrying out the process? Can frozen, chilled, or thermosensitive products be treated?
The processes normally don't result in high temperature changes. The temperature variation during the processis around 3ºC. All products can be treated normally. In the gamma ray process, there is no restriction.
Does the process generate any radioactive residues?
No radioactive residues are generated during the process.
Does the process require that treated products be put into quarantine?
No, it does not. The products can be used immediately after processing.
Can the product be treated inside its final packaging?
Yes. There are no package related restrictions.
Can processes be validated?
Yes. ISO 11137 is recommended.
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