Water purification with ionizing radiation
BeamComplex's ionizing radiation technology is the most efficient way to clean highly contaminated water. We do not replace existing cleaning systems, but supplement them.
Overpopulation of the planet, global climate change, total pollution of the ecosystem - all these factors at a catastrophic rate deprive people of access to clean water.

At the moment, humanity uses many effective technologies to provide people with drinking water. According to experts in this field, the use of ionizing radiation technology can cover all the volumes for water treatment.

According to environmentalists, if urgent measures are not taken to prevent an environmental catastrophe due to a shortage of drinking water for the world's population, by 2040, less than 50% of the world's inhabitants will have access to clean drinking sources.

More than 30 years ago, experts from different countries developed a technology for treating drinking water with various pollutants by ionizing radiation. This technology has been introduced at several enterprises, and has proven its effectiveness and promise.

The BeamComplex company represents complexes for placement within the enterprises. The complex is built into existing drinking water purification systems at water intake stations, and stations that desalinate seawater. Installation of the complex does not require stopping the water treatment process.

The treatment of drinking water with ionizing radiation requires a preliminary comprehensive laboratory study. An analysis of chemical, biological, bacterial, and other compounds is required.
Technology benefits
Benefits of Processing Technology accelerated electrons and x-ray (E-beam & X-ray)
The treatment of drinking water with ionizing radiation requires a preliminary comprehensive laboratory study. An analysis of chemical, biological, bacterial and other compounds in water is required.
Caring for the environment
Processing by ionizing radiation makes it possible to reduce the use of chemicals harmful to the environment
Advantages of the complex

Ready-made sterilization monoblocks for placement inside enterprises
The complex is ready for installation and does not require construction work
Working mode
  • E-beam
Installation inside of the enterprise
  • Complete installation of the complex from 3 to 6 months
    Possibility of incorporation into the existing technological water treatment system without stopping the treatment process
Compact dimensions
6m x 2.2m x 4m (radiation shielding - metal)
8m x 6.5m x 6m (radiation shielding - concrete)

  • The complex is equipped with radiation dose control sensors
  • Metal or concrete shielding provides complete protection against radiation
The productivity of the complex is from 120 tons per hour. Depends on the degree of contamination and the composition of the pollutants
Advantages of complex usage at the enterprise
  • Possibility of continuous use of the complex
  • Integration into existing cleaning systems, without stopping the proces
Quality assurance
  • Water treated with ionizing radiation will meet the standards. It will be free of chemical, biological and other pollutants
Social Responsibility
  • Installation of the complex is proof of the company's social responsibility
Reduce spendings
  • Possible reduction of costs for other types of cleaning
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