Irradiation of animal feed
It is a high priority for manufacturers of animal feed, supplements, enrichment mixtures and various components for animal feeds, to ensure longer product shelf life and make sure it is free from bacteria, pathogens and other pests while preserving the content of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients.

High-quality feed is a guarantee of animal health. Improper storage creates favorable conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms and insects. If pathogens from mixed animal feed enter the body, this can cause infection, and as a result, death.

Ionizing radiation technology

Irradiation by electron accelerators uses high energy of electrons and X-rays to eliminate pathogens, bacteria, insects/pests.

Working principle of electron accelerator: Electron accelerator generates and accelerators electron to the speed of light. These electrons penetrate the product, and induce breaks in the DNA of pathogens.

Irradiation of animal feed ensures full elimination of pests, and can successfully replace fumigation. This type of treatment is effective in difficult contamination cases of mixed animal feed with insects, as well as fungi, bacteria, viruses, moulds that appear due to unfavourable climatic conditions.

Results of animal feed irradiation
Processing of animal feed by radiation positively affects the quality of products and ensures its safety.

The increase in shelf life allows to expand sales markets.

Animal feed irradiation eliminates insects and their larvae, pathogens, as well as reduces the content of mycotoxins.

Cellular and molecular structure of feed is not affected by radiation. All nutrients and vitamins are retained for the entire product shelf life.

There is not residual radiation in products after ionizing irradiation treatment, and no free radicals.. Numerous studies prove the safety of animal feed after irradiation.

BeamComplex modules for animal feed and grain processing

Beamcomplex has developed a unique compact module, a ready to install system for grains irradiation treatment to ensure safe storage and extend shelf life.

Ready to be installed at grain elevators or directly at ports for processing all types of grain crops (wheat, soy, corn, rice, legumes , etc. ) with ionizing radiation. Installation and commissioning do not require a production halt.

Irradiation module used in a production facility for animal feed treatment.
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