Typical sterilization centers
BeamComplex builds irradiation facilities and equips them with X-ray units.

These facilities can be located in close proximity to :
1. seaports
2. airports
3. industrial areas
4. logistic centers,
5. etc.

If there are ready premises, the company can use them to place a ready to install module. These irradiation facilities are designed to process such products as: food products (ground meat, poultry meat, fish and seafood, fruits, vegetables, crops, animal feed, spices, tea, coffee, nuts, dried fruits, gum arabic, dehydrated blood, soybeans, snacks, etc.) non-food products (medical products, flowers, leather and fabric materials, cosmetics, waste treatment)

Product Processing Options:
1. in cartons (maximum dimensions 500mm x 600mm x 600mm);
2. on pallets (maximum dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm x 1600mm), products can be placed on pallets in bags or boxes;
3. Special facilities can process products inside 20/40 ft closed containers. For processing products, there is no need to unload it from the container. The processing process occurs by x-ray directly through the walls of the container.
Beamcomplex designs and builds irradiation facilities with electron accelerators powered by electricity. The electron accelerators operate in X-ray mode. Electron accelerators are placed in a radiation shield, which guarantees safe operation and the possibility of locating the facility in close proximity to other venues and plants.
Irradiation of containerized cargo
Products inside a container are processed by x-ray radiation through its walls without the need to unload products from the container.

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