Commercial offer to minced meat producers !
For more than 20 years in the world, the largest manufacturers of minced meat process their products from pathogenic microorganisms with ionizing radiation. Specialists at the University of Texas not only process products but also conduct research on the safety of processed products for the end-user.

Producers and suppliers are forced to process minced meat at special sterilization facilities, which are often located thousands of miles away. Minced meat producers bring their products to these centers to get guaranteed high-quality service and make product safe.

BeamComplex company recognizes the increasing need for processing minced meat for guaranteed quality, has developed unique compact systems for convenient placement in the immediate vicinity or at the enterprise of the minced meat manufacturer. These complexes will open a new page for the introduction of high-tech equipment at the enterprises of the meat industry, to create a guaranteed solid foundation for the image of the industry, both advanced and socially oriented.
BeamComplex sterilization complexes - it is a high-quality and comfortable processing of minced meat inside the walls of your enterprise
Options for cooperation
Our company provides a fully equipped monoblock, ready for installation inside the factory or in close proximity to it.

The price includes:
- All elements of the complex;
- Shipping costs to the port of destination;
- Installation and commissioning (additional discussion is required of the location for the complex and all auxiliary mechanisms, equipment provided free of charge by the buyer during commissioning and installation work);
- 2-year free warranty service;
- Maintenance during the entire operation of the complex.

The complex is equipped with a cooling system, which is formed according to the technical characteristics of the customer and the climatic conditions of the complex.

The complex can be equipped with radiation protection in both metal and concrete versions. If there is enough space, we can offer placement of the metal case of the monoblock of the complex with further pouring with concrete.
Power consumption 450 kW. It is necessary to ensure a connection to a transformer with a power of at least 600 kW / hour.

7-year electron accelerator warranty. After maintenance, the period is extended for the next 7 years.

Due to the fact that consumables are an insignificant structural element of the accelerator, this type of accelerator has been working in some places for more than 25 years.

1. Lamp GE-50
Service life 1,5-5 years, cost avr. 7000$ (1-3pc.)
2. Electron Gun (cathode)
Service life 1,5-5 years, cost avr. 200$ (1pc.)

Agreement for the provision of sterilization services for BeamComplex Company
Placement of the complex on the territory of your enterprise.

Processing at mutually beneficial prices.

Your company does not bear the cost of maintaining staff, carrying out repairs and scheduled maintenance.
Risks are borne by our company.

Your company allows sterilization for third parties.

Service can be provided and complex can be purchased at the same time
Key benefits of technology
Benefits of processing technology
accelerated electrons
and X-ray radiation
(E-beam & X-ray)
Destruction of pathogens
Reduction or complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, mold, fungal and viruses
Processing in package
The only way processing in sealed packaging. That prevents re-contamination and gives
maximum guarantee of the quality of the final product
Immediate product consumption
Products are ready for use right after processing
Shelf-life extension
Reduction or complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms increases the shelf life of products
No residual radiation
Numerous studies prove the safety of the use of products after processing, since they do not have residual radiation
Rejecting the use of chemical preservatives
After processing, the need for preservatives is reduced or disappears
Processing temperature
Room temperature with the complex from + 15 ° C to + 45 ° C
Temperature of processed products from -32 ° C to 50 ° C
Product temperature does not change during processing
The structure of medical devices not damaged
Compared to Co-60 processing, electron processing does not change the structure of the polymers of medical devices
Full disinsection
Destruction of all types of insects and larvae
Maintaining the quality of products
Guaranteed preservation of the quality and organoleptic properties of products for the entire shelf life
Antibiotic reduction
Antibiotic reduction after product processing
Hormones reduction
Hormones reduction after product processing
Processing of all types of products
Models for minced meat processing
Complex for small package
10м x 3,5м x 5м (metal shielding)
15м Х 6,5м Х 7м (concrete shielding)

Max package height:
up to 50 mm

up to 60 t/hr
(only E-beam mode)
Electricity consumption:
350 kW

1 800 000$

Universal complex

12м x 4м x 5,5м (metal shielding)
17м Х 7,5м Х 6,5м (concrete shielding)

Max package height:
up to 1200 mm

up to 10 t/hr

Electricity consumption:
500 kW

1 900 000$
Complex for processing products on pallets
12м x 4м x 5,5м (metal shielding)
17м Х 7,5м Х 6,5м (concrete shielding)

Max package height:
up to 1200 mm

up to 10 t/hr

Electricity consumption:
500 kW

2 100 000$
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