Products, being inside the container, are processed by
X-Ray radiation through its walls without unloading products from the container
The complex can be placed on the territory of the port for phytosanitary treatment (the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, larvae, insects and parasites) by X-ray radiation of various agricultural products.

The complex is a building with an electron accelerator which produces x-rays irradiation.
It is equipped with a system for supplying freight containers into the complex for radiation processing.
The effect of ionizing radiation
The electron accelerator in the complex generates and speeds up electrons, converting them into ionizing radiation. Processing ensures the sterility of the product or reducing the number of pathogenic microorganisms to the permitted levels. The radiation passes through the product or material without generating intense heat, disrupting cellular processes such as sprouting, ripening, or growth of microbes, parasites, and insects.
Complete sets of complexes

Electron Accelerator: energy 5 MeV, power 100 kW, working in X-ray mode
Radiation shielding: concrete
Accelerator emergency shutdown system: triggered in case of emergency situations in which the electron accelerator is switched off in automatic as well as manual modes
Integrated conveyor system: designed specifically for feeding containers under x-ray radiation
Fire extinguishing system: triggered in case of emergency in which the electron accelerator is turned off and the fire extinguishing system is turned on in automatic as well as manual modes
Control system: dosimetry, conveyor speed control, electron accelerator control, fire extinguishing, cooling, ventilation and emergency shutdown
The territory in front of the sterilization centre is equipped with a lifting mechanism to remove containers from vehicles
The advantages of using complexes in the port
When placing the complex on the territory of the port, there are additional features, such as:
  • Carrying out phytosanitary processing of stored transit cargo;
  • Sterilization of contaminated materials in the event of unforeseen situations associated with outbreaks of biological, bacteriological and viral infections.
The complex will make it possible to attract new customers for whom the phytosanitary treatment for import and export. The sterilization complex in the port is a guarantee of maintaining epidemiological stability, which ensures the maintenance of a high level of customer service.
    Technical characteristics

    Electricity consumption: up to 450 kW per hour, depending on the electron accelerator used and container sizes: 20- feet or 40- feet
    Approximate productivity when processing a 40-foot container is 15-20 minutes. High processing speed allows you to not delay cargo in ports. Transport companies will be able to process goods before departure or after arrival at the port.
    Types of sterilized products
    Products processed in freight containers must be with temperature above 0 ° C

    Medical devices;
    Polyethylene containers for storing food products;
    Fruits (mango, pineapple, papaya, etc.);
    Grain crop;
    Rice flour;
    Dehydrated blood, plasma and coagulants;
    Egg whites;
    Vegetables (potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.)
    Fish and seafood (shellfish, crustaceans, etc.)
    Meat and poultry;
    Spices, dried fruits, nuts;
    Mixed fodder in bags.
    Tea, coffee, dry herbs

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    Volume of processed products and productivity of the complex
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