We have the duty to preserve the environment for future generations
Efficient distribution of food products on the planet
According to a Hotpoint study, approximately 30% of all agricultural food production in the world does not reach the final consumer.
Processing by ionizing radiation makes it possible to extend the shelf life of products. This will reduce the percentage of recyclable products that deteriorate during storage and transportation. Most will reach the consumer and will not be thrown away. This will allow more rational use of resources and provide developing countries with the necessary food.

Plastic Processing
According to the Science Advances Journal, today only 9% of plastic is recycled, another 12% is burned, and 79% ends up in landfills. It's often blown away because it's so lightweight, from there, it gets into the environment. Only 2015, 6,3 billion tons out of 8,3 billion tons of plastic produced in the world turned into waste.
Beam Complex processes all types of polymers into pellets. Later on pellets can be used in the manufacture of raw materials as a component of concrete/asphalt mixture used in road construction. This technology will reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic waste on our planet.

Wastewater Treatment
In 2015 The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 108,000 deaths were caused by deliberate water poisoning. A common causes of such poisoning are pesticides, kerosene, household chemicals, and carbon monoxide.
Treatment of waste water will allow it to be reused in production, which is an important aspect of economical use of natural resources.Treated water discharge won't t have a negative impact on animals or people. Moreover it will improve the environmental situation.

Co-60 Replacement
The rejection of Co-60 as a source of ionizing radiation, which is used to sterilize various products, will reduce the risk of technological disasters.