Irradiation treatment of animal feed
Irradiation module used in a production facility for animal feed treatment.
The evolution of ionizing radiation technology
Over 40 years in the world, the largest manufacturers process their products with ionizing radiation, which eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, guarantees quality and prolongs its shelf life.

Currently, the world has formed the industry for processing products by ionizing radiation. In large cities, sterilization centers are located at a great distance, that's why sometimes manufacturers are forced to carry their products for treatment at distances over a thousand kilometers.

BeamComplex has developed compact irradiation modules to be used by industries inhouse.
Results of mixed fodder irradiation treatment
Processing of animal feed by radiation positively affects the quality of products and ensures its safety.

The increase in shelf life allows to expand sales markets.

Mixed fodder irradiation treatment eliminates insects and their larvae, and also reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms.

Cellular and molecular structure of feed is not affected by radiation. All nutrients and vitamins are retained for the entire product shelf life.

There is not residual radiation in products after ionizing irradiation treatment, and no free radicals.. Numerous studies prove the safety of eating foods after processing.
High-quality feed is a guarantee of animal health. Since improper storage creates favorable conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms and insects. If pathogenic from mixed fodder enter the body, this can cause infection, and as a result, death.

BeamComplex developed a compact module for irradiation treatment of feeds and fodders that eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, parasites, and insects.

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