Sterilization of mixed fodders
Sterilization complex of our company is implemented for processing of all kinds of mixed feed for cows, chicken, fish and other agricultural animals. Processing of mixed feed happens without package with productivity over 50 tons per hour.
Why is it needed to process mixed fodders
by e-beam method?
Mixed feed is the best kind of feeding for animals, but there are some factors, which reduce effectiveness of their use. There is very high level of mixed feed contamination by pathogen bacterial flora, that can lead to animals and poultry diseases. Processing of mixed feed by ionizing radiation provides not only disinfection effect and increase of shelf life but also it helps to improve nutritional profile of mixed feed.
Results after ionizing irradiation
Numerous experiments all over the world have shown that it is possible to use different cellulose containing waste, such as filings, chip, fines, core etc. Raw material contains a big amount of polysaccharides, which is why it can be considered as potential source for mix feed. E-beam processing of such material essentially improves natural characteristics: hydrolysis of polysaccharides happens (crude fiber decreased) and as a result monosaccharaides and carbohydrates are created, consequently mixed feed is produced from almost inedible materials.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
Mixed feed irradiation is ecologically friendly method of mixed feed processing, because it helps to prevent environment pollution. After processing by e-beam, there is no residual radiation in the product, it is absolutely safe, fast and effective method.