Sterilization complex for grain and mixed fodders processing
BeamComplex includes
Electron beam accelerator
Energy from 2,5 MeV to 5 MeV
Power from 10 kW to 100 kW
Work in E-Beam mode

Radiation protection
Metal or concrete
Ozone exhaust system
Depend on complex capacity
Cooling system
Depend on customer needs
BeamComplex cooling system can be used as a heating system of working areas

Emergency accelerator shutdown system
The system is triggered in case of emergency situations in which the accelerator shuts off automatically as well as manually
Built-in product feed system
Adjustable speed of the product feed system
Complex feed system can be connected to the feed system of the enterprise

Fire extinguishing system
The system is triggered in case of emergency situations in which the accelerator is turned off and the fire extinguishing system is turned on in automatically as well as manually
Control system
The control panel is located remotely and includes the following control systems: dosimetry, conveyor speed control, electron accelerator control, fire extinguishing, cooling, ventilation and emergency shutdown of the accelerator
Technical specification
6m x 2,2m x 4m (metal shielding)
11m x 7,5m x 6m (concrete shielding)
Processing types of products
Cereals (max Ø 20 mm)
Mixed fodders
Pet food
The processing mode depends on the type of product, composition, percentage of contamination, humidity and temperature
It depends on the type of processed products. For calculation, we recommend filling out the contact us form below
Complex placing on the manufacturer's territory or directly in the harbor
Complex placing in the production of animal feed
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