Anti-microbial fruit treatment

Using ionizing radiation technology to process fruits you ensure careful use of all
gifts that are generously provided by our Earth
According to a study by the World Hotpoint Organization, approximately one-third of all food produced is tossed out in Europe, this amounts to approximately 88 million tons of products per year.

Processing with ionizing radiation will increase the shelf life, provide a guarantee of quality and make fruits safe for consumers. The need to process fruits from insects and harmful microorganisms is an important task to provide healthy and quality products to people all over the world.

BeamComplex Company presents a compact complex that safely and effectively processes fruits from pathogenic microorganisms and insects. It helps to extend a shelf-life and keep fruits fresh longer.
The accelerated electron processing technology is only a tool. Our main purpose is to minimize losses and provide the maximum number of people on Earth with safe products.
Key benefits of technology
Benefits of processing technology
accelerated electrons
and X-ray radiation
(E-beam & X-ray)
Destruction of pathogens
Reduction or complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, mold, fungal and viruses
Processing in package
The only way processing in sealed packaging. That prevents re-contamination and gives
maximum guarantee of the quality of the final product
Immediate product consumption
Products are ready for use right after processing
Shelf life extension
Reduction or complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms increases the shelf life of products
No residual radiation
Numerous studies prove the safety of the use of products after processing, since they do not have residual radiation
Rejecting the use of chemical preservatives
After processing, the need for preservatives is reduced or disappears
Processing temperature
Room temperature with the complex from + 15 ° C to + 45 ° C
Temperature of processed products from -32 ° C to 50 ° C
Product temperature does not change during processing
The structure of medical devices not demaged
Compared to Co-60 processing, electron processing does not change the structure of the polymers of medical devices
Full disinsection
Destruction of all types of insects and larvae
Maintaining the quality of products
Guaranteed preservation of the quality and organoleptic properties of products for the entire shelf life
Antibiotic reduction
Antibiotic reduction after product processing
Hormones reduction
Hormones reduction after product processing
Processing of all types of products
Why is ionizing radiation better
Ionizing radiation and
other fruit processing methods comparison
  • surface treatment only
  • short effect
  • the need for careful washing of fruit by the consumer before use
Gamma radiation
  • low treatment speed
  • the use of the Co-60 isotope increases the risk of technological disasters
  • isotope replacement every 6 years
Advantages of BeamComplex monoblock
Sterilization complex with electron accelerator for inside placing
Сomplex is a finished product

  • It is ready for installation and does not require construction work
Two operating modes
  • X-ray - processing of a product up to 120 cm thick at density of 1
  • E-beam - processing of a product up to 5 cm thick at density of 1
Complex transportation
  • During the transportation, complex weight is 23 tons. After radiation protection installation, complex in the assembled state is 300 tons.
Inside installation
  • Complete complex installation in 2-3 months
  • Conveyor system integration
  • Compact dimensions 12000 X 3500 X 5500 mm

  • metal or concrete shell provides complete radiation protection
  • radiation dose control
Advantages of complex usage at the enterprises
Quality assurance
  • Quality assurance for the entire shelf - life of the products
  • Self-monitoring of sterilization process
  • Less claims related to poor product quality
Consumer confidence
  • Distinguish your product in the market and adds brand value, since consumers are assured that the products they are purchasing are high-quality.
Income growth
  • Sales up to 100% due to increased shelf-life of the product
  • Opportunity to process products for third parties
  • Expand to new markets
  • Expanding production lines
Decrice pending
  • Reduce the cost related to delivery to other sterilization complexes
  • BeamComplex cooling system can be used as a heating system of working areas
  • Complex can be used at night time with reduced electricity rate
  • Prevention of financial losses due to lack of claims on product quality
Convenient handling
  • Complex can be operated at any time at your production area
Easy Implementation
  • The module can be connected to the existing conveyor system
  • Installation does not require additional construction and does not affect the work processes
Worried about safety?
Our "Research" section has detailed information on product safety after processing
BeamComplex includes
Electron beam accelerator
Energy from 1 MeV to 10 MeV
Power from 10 kW to 100 kW
Two modes E-beam and X-ray
Change mode from E-beam to X-ray in 20 mins
Radiation protection
Metal or concrete
Ozone exhaust system
Depend on complex capacity
Cooling system
Depend on customer needs
BeamComplex cooling system can be used as a heating system of working areas

Emergency accelerator shutdown system
The system is triggered in case of emergency situations in which the accelerator shuts off automatically as well as manually
Built-in conveyor system
Conveyor speed adjustable from 1 to 1500mm / s
Complex conveyor system can be connected to the conveyor of the enterprise
Возможность подключения конвейера для переворачивания продукции
Fire extinguishing system
The system is triggered in case of emergency situations in which the accelerator is turned off and the fire extinguishing system is turned on in automatically as well as manually
Control system
The control panel is located remotely and includes the following control systems: dosimetry, conveyor speed control, electron accelerator control, fire extinguishing, cooling, ventilation and emergency shutdown of the accelerator
How to select BeamComplex?
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Options for placing the sterilization complex in your production area
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