Irradiation treatment of grain
Using ionizing radiation technology to process agricultural products you ensure careful use of all
gifts that are generously provided by our Earth!

Processing of grain with ionizing radiation
For many years cereals are already being used for cooking various foods all over the world.

During the storage of grain, favorable conditions are created for the propagation of insects and pathogens, such as thrips, barn weevil, grain grinder, Suriname flour eater, as well as pathogens

According to The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the global loss of grain mass from pests of grain stocks is up to 50 %. In cases of processing that does not eliminate all factors of grain spoilage, there is a risk of human infection during food consumption.

Today, the absolute majority of enterprises that produce and store grain do everything possible to preserve the entire volume of the crop.

Modern technologies for processing grain with chemical agents have long been developed and in some cases are effectively used.

Due to the fact that a huge number of granaries in the world are located in unfavorable climatic zones, with a high percentage of humidity, with a high average annual air temperature, enterprises have to use a large number of chemicals to ensure the safety of grain to ensure quality assurance.
This leads to a high concentration of chemicals in the product.

In the 70s of the XX century, Russian scientists designed and put into operation electron-beam accelerators for processing grain crops. These complexes were located in the port of Odessa and worked there for more than twenty years until the collapse of the USSR. This technology has proven to be absolutely effective in destroying all types of insects and reducing the content of pathogens for 100% conservation of the entire volume of products.

BeamComplex company has taken time-tested technological developments as a basis and applied them to the design of grain processing complexes. The technologies that were used in Odessa were improved using modern electron accelerators.

BeamComplex for grain processing

The Beat Complex company presents a unique and compact complex, which is a finished product designed to ensure the safety of grain crops.

Ready to be installed on the Elevator or directly in the harbour for processing all types of grain crops (wheat, soy, corn, rice, legumes , etc. ) with ionizing radiation. Installation and start-up do not require stopping production.

6m x 2,2m x 4m (metal shielding)
11m x 7,5m x 6m (concrete shielding)

The full set of sterilization complexes includes: an electron-beam accelerator, a sheilding with radiation protection, a built-in conveyor system, a control and radiation control system, cooling, and ozone ventilation.

The configuration of the complex depends on the requirements of the buyer.

The complex can be equipped with various types of electron accelerators, based on the required production capacity. The parameters of the complexes depend on the model of the electron accelerator and vary up to the following parameters:
Capacity up to 750 tons/hr
The weight of the complex is up to 240 tons
Power consumption up to 450 kW/hr
The diameter of the processed grain type is up to 20 mm
The accelerated electron processing technology is only a tool. Our main purpose is a responsible conservation and consumption of natural resources
Results after grain processing with ionizing radiation
Processing of grain with ionizing radiation positively affects the quality of products and provides a guarantee of safety.

Processing of grain with ionizing radiation destroys insects and their larvae, as well as reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms.

After treatment with ionizing radiation, the cellular and molecular structure of the grain does not change. Useful micro-and macronutrients (vitamins, proteins, fats, amino acids) and minerals remain in the grain for the entire storage period.

After treatment with ionizing radiation, free radicals do not occur in the grain molecules.

When processing grain crops on our company's accelerators, the products are not contaminated with radiation. Numerous studies prove the safety of consuming products after processing.

During processing, the percentage of moisture in the grain decreases.
Commercial offer to grain producers!
Ionizing radiation treatment is particularly effective in countries with high temperatures and high humidity conditions
Ionizing radiation treatment technology

Electron beam processing is the use of high energy levels of electrons and x-rays (ionizing radiation) to destroy insects and their larvae in order to preserve the full volume of production.

Principle of operation of ionizing radiation:
The electron accelerator generates electrons and accelerates them to the speed of light; the electrons penetrate into the product and destroy the DNA of insects and larvae.

Treatment of grain crops with ionizing radiation successfully replaces fumigation and provides complete destruction of all insect pests. This method is also effective for the most severe contamination of grain crops by insects, as well as various spores of fungi, bacteria, viruses and mold formed under the influence of adverse climatic conditions.

During treatment with ionizing radiation, the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms is destroyed
Advantages of complex usage at the enterprises
Quality assurance
  • Ionizing radiation treatment under any climatic conditions guarantees maximum product safety
Consumer confidence
  • Distinguish your product in the market and adds brand value, since consumers are assured that the products they are purchasing are high-quality.
Income growth
  • Sales up to 100% due to increased shelf-life of the product
  • The destruction of insects ensures the safety of all products
Decreace spending
  • No chemical costs for grain processing
  • BeamComplex cooling system can be used as a heating system of working areas
  • Complex can be used at night time with reduced electricity rate
  • Prevention of financial losses due to lack of claims on product quality
Convenient handling
  • Complex can be operated at any time at your production area
Easy Implementation
  • The module can be easy connected to the feed system of the enterprise
  • Complex can be integrated with a grain transfer system
Advantages of BeamComplex monoblock
Sterilization complex with electron accelerator for inside placing
–°omplex is a finished product

  • It is ready for installation and does not require construction work
Operating mode
  • E-beam - processing of a product up to 5 cm thick at density of 1
Complex transportation
  • During the transportation, complex weight is 23 tons. After radiation protection installation, complex in the assembled state is 300 tons.
Inside installation
  • Complete complex installation in 2-3 months
  • Complex feed system can be connected to the feed system of the enterprise
  • 11m x 7,5m x 6m (concrete shielding)
  • 6m x 2,2m x 4m (metal shielding)

  • metal or concrete shell provides complete radiation protection
  • radiation dose control
Models for grain processing
How to select BeamComplex?
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Options for placing the sterilization complex in your production area or directly in the harbour
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