Sterilization of medical devices
Sterilization of medical devices
For over 20 years in the world, the largest manufacturers of medical devices have sterilized their products from pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and viruses by ionizing radiation. Specialists at the Texas Agrarian University not only sterilize products, but also conduct research on the safety of processed products for the end users.
The world has formed the industry for processing products by ionizing radiation. Sterilization centers are located in the large cities where products for sterilization are delivered from various enterprises. Sometimes manufacturers are forced to deliver their products even more than thousands of kilometers.

BeamComplex company presents a unique and compact complex, which is designed for installation in the production.
Complex for medical devices sterilization

The complex is a finished product intended for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.

The complex is intended for installation at the enterprise or its proximity. Installation does not require stop of production line.

Maximum dimensions of the complex:
12m x 4m x 5.5m (metal shielding)
17m x 7.5m x 6.5m (concrete shielding)

The complete set of sterilization complexes includes: an electron beam accelerator, a shielding with radiation protection, an integrated conveyor system, a control and radiation monitoring system, cooling, ozone ventilation.
The complex set depends on the requirements of the buyer

BeamComplex can be equipped with various types of electron accelerators, based on the required performance. The parameters of the complexes depend on the model of the electron accelerator and vary to the following indicators:

Weight up to 23 tons

Electricity consumption up to 450 kW/hr

Results of medical devices sterilization with ionizing radiation
Complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.

The only sterilization method in individually sealed packaging that prevents re-contamination.

Compared with Co-60 sterilization, the structure of the polymers of medical devices does not change with e-beam sterilization.

Products are ready for use immediately after processing.

After sterilization of medical devices at BeamComplex accelerators there is no residual radiation in the products. Numerous studies prove the safety of using medical devices after processing.

During the sterilization with ionizing radiation, the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms is torn
Ionizing radiation technology

Accelerated electron processing is the use of electron energy and x-ray radiation (ionizing radiation) to kill pathogens, viruses and microbes.

Temperature of processed products from 0C to +50°C

Principle of ionizing radiation operation:
An electron accelerator generates electrons and accelerates them to the speed of light; electrons penetrate the product it occurs DNA destruction of pathogenic microorganisms.

Accelerating electrons processing technology allowed to exclude outdated processing technology with chemicals or cobalt (Co-60).
Advantages of complex usage at the enterprises
Convenient handling
  • Complex can be operated at any time at your production area
Quality assurance
  • Self-monitoring of sterilization process
Consumer confidence
  • Consumers will be confident about your product and give it preferences
Income growth
  • Sales up to 100% due to increased shelf-life of the product
  • Opportunity to process products for third parties
  • Expand to new markets
  • Expanding production lines
Decrice pending
  • Reduce the cost related to delivery to other sterilization complexes
  • BeamComplex cooling system can be used as a heating system of working areas
  • Complex can be used at night time with reduced electricity rate
  • Prevention of financial losses due to lack of claims on product quality
Easy Implementation
  • The module can be connected to the existing conveyor system
  • Installation does not require additional construction and does not affect the work processes
Advantages of BeamComplex monoblock
Sterilization complex with electron accelerator for inside placing
Сomplex is a finished product

  • It is ready for installation and does not require construction work
Two operating modes
  • X-ray
  • E-beam
Complex transportation
  • During the transportation, complex weight is 23 tons
Inside installation
  • Complete complex installation in 3-6 months
  • Conveyor system integration
  • Complex dimentions
    12м x 4м x 5,5м (metal shielding)
    17м x 7,5м x 6,5м (concrete shielding)

  • metal or concrete shell provides complete radiation protection
  • radiation dose control
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Packaging material
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The required volume of processed products
Planned location of the sterilization complex:
Availability of space for installation of the complex
Availability of free space for the placement of the sterilization complex next to the production workshop or the finished products workshop:
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Method of product delivery to the sterilization complex:
Providing sterilization services to third parties
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