Commercial offer for poultry meat and feed producers
The BeamComplex company produces compact sterilization complexes for antibacterial processing of poultry meat (carcasses in whole or in part) and animal feed with X-ray and accelerated electrons. Antimicrobial processing provides a guarantee of reducing pathogen contamination (Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc.) to acceptable level. Re-contamination is minimized, due to the fact, that the product is treated in sealed packaging. It increases products shelf life and guarantees the sale of the entire volume of products intended for export.

The temperature of the processed products can be from +10°C to -30°C.

Poultry meat is processed in the following packaging options:
1) In boxes located on pallets with a size of pallets 1200X1200X1800 mm. Capacity from 6 t/hr.
2) In boxes with a size 500X500X500mm. Capacity from 6 t/hr.
3) In the package, the layer of processed products is up to 50 mm. Capacity from 100 t/hr.

Our company is ready to provide you with antimicrobial sterilization service and process your products in any convenient place. Sterilization complex can be placed on the territory of your enterprise. If you are interested in getting more details, please send us an email.
Cost of product processing:
The cost of processing the products depends on the electricity tariffs in your region. The complex consumes 450 kW / h. Per hour, the complex processes 100 tons of chicken (layer up to 50 mm) or 6 tons (on pallets 1200Х1200х1800mm). When processing mixed feed, the productivity is 300 t/h.
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