Construction of X-Ray sterilization centers for phytosanitary treatment
Typical sterilization centers
BeamComplex builds prefabricated standard sterilization centers and equips them with X-ray units.

These centers are designed to be located in places such as:
1. seaports
2. airports
3. manufacturing enterprises
4. logistics centers,
5. etc.

If there are ready-made premises, the company can also place ready-made sterilization complexes in them. These sterilization centers are designed to process such products as: food products (minced meat, poultry meat, fish and seafood, fruits, vegetables, crops, compound feed, spices, tea, coffee, nuts, dried fruits, gum arabic, dehydrated blood, soybeans, snacks, etc.) non-food products (medical products, flowers, leather and fabric materials, cosmetics, waste treatment, sterilization of materials from coronavirus)

Product Processing Options:
1. in boxes (maximum dimensions 1200mm x 500mm x 500mm);
2. on pallets (maximum dimensions 1200mm x 1200mm x 1600mm), products can be placed on pallets in bags or boxes;
3. Special sterilization centers can process products inside 20/40 ft closed containers.

For processing products, there is no need to unload it from the container. The processing process occurs by x-ray directly through the walls of the container.

Beamcomplex designs and builds sterilization centres with electron-beam accelerators powered by electricity. The electron accelerators operate in X-ray mode. Sterilization centers are designed for phytosanitary processing of various products located on pallets, in the boxes and it is also possible to handle cargo inside closed containers of 20/40 feet. Electron accelerators are placed in a radiation shield, which guarantees safe operation and the possibility of locating the facility in close proximity to other venues and plants. The required land area for construction of a sterilization center starts from 0.5 hectares.

The sizes of the sterilization center are from 24X40 meters.

Electricity consumption from 500 kW.

The company provides services for the construction of sterilization centers of various configurations, depending on the volumes and types of processed products.

Advantages of locating sterilization centers with x-ray processing technology for phytosanitary treatment in ports

  • The ability to carry out phytosanitary processing of products placed on pallets and in closed containers without the need to unload products from them;
  • The ability to sterilize products with high performance, without increasing the storage time of goods in the port;

  • The ability of transport companies to process products directly at the port, without the cost of transportation to other sterilization centers located outside the port;
  • The ability of ports to attract additional volumes of cargo that require additional sterilization services;
  • The ability to take urgent measures to prevent and localize possible epidemiological outbreaks. In the event of epidemiological outbreaks, the sterilization center could become a regional center for the treatment of virus-contaminated materials.
By introducing high-tech equipment for the sterilization of transported products, you invest in the stable development of the transport industry and provide additional guarantees for the safety of the population.
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