Treatment of sludge
with ionizing radiation

Beam Complex company produces complexes for cleaning from biological and chemical contamination of sludge and water. The complexes are finished products and can be placed next to the object of contaminated sludge and bottom sediments.

The treatment of sludge by ionizing radiation requires a preliminary comprehensive laboratory study.
Analysis of chemical, biological, bacterial, and other compounds is required.
Ionizing radiation technology is the most effective for cleaning highly polluted chemical and biological substances of sludge.

Complete set of the complex:
1. Electron accelerator;
2. Radiation shielding (metal or concrete);
3. Conveyor system;
4. Cooling system;
5. Ozone ventilation system;
6. Control system radiation and blocking;
7. Control system and other systems.

Electricity consumption:
1. Voltage - 380 W;
2. Power - up to 700kw/hour.

The performance of the complex depends on the power of the placed electron accelerator and can reach hundreds of thousands of tons.
During the treatment of sludge and wastewaters, the number of pathogens is reduced to acceptable
levels or completely eliminated. The neutralization is achieved through mixing of chemical reagents and
treated sludge.
Treated sludge can be used in:
agricultural purposes
landscaping of
After treatment a wide range of macro and micro elements remains in the sewage sludge, which is why they represent a valuable organic fertilizer for vegetable, grain, fruit-bearing, flower and fodder crops and are also suitable as soil for landscaping areas.

Implemented projects in the world on the use of ionizing radiation for treatment of wastewater and sludge

World experience in the treatment of wastewater and sludge with a layer thickness of up to 25 mm.
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