Electron accelerator uses high energy of electrons and X-Rays as a method of sterilization to reduce the number of pathogens to acceptable norms or completely eliminate them. Electron accelerator generates and accelerates electrons that pass through materials and products affecting microorganisms and chemical compounds.

Ionizing radiation induces DNA breaks in microorganisms thus damaging them and therefore sterilizing the treated product or material.

When used in polymers treatment or production, electron beam induces the effects of chain scission or cross-linking, which changes the properties of treated material, by breaking apart molecular chains or impeding the molecular movement and changing thermoplastic materials into thermosets.
Key benefits of technology
Elimination of pathogens
Killing microorganisms, mold, fungal and viruses throughout the product and its packaging with no residues
Processing in packaging
The only way of processing with different dose requirements, densities, and packaging, box, pallets or even containers. That prevents repeat contamination and gives a maximum guarantee of the quality.
Immediate product consumption
Products are ready for use right after processing
Shelf life extension
Reduction or complete elimination of pathogenic microorganisms increases the shelf life of products
No residual radiation
The amount of radiation received depends on the product type and its dose requirements. The dosimetric release allows products to be processed, verified, and immediately released for shipment or consumption.
Reducing the use of chemical preservatives
After processing, the need for preservatives is reduced or disappears
Processing temperature
Temperature of processed products from -32 ° to + 4 °
Product temperature does not change during processing
The structure of medical devices not demaged
Treatment with accelerated electron does not change the structure of the polymers of medical devices
Complete disinfestation
Destruction of all types of insects and larvae
Maintaining the quality of products
Guaranteed preservation of the quality and organoleptic properties of products for the entire shelf life
Antibiotic reduction
Antibiotic reduction after product treatment
Hormones reduction
Hormones reduction after product treatment
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