Wastewater treatment with ionizing radiation
BeamComplex company presents complexes for placement inside enterprises. The complex is integrated into existing wastewater treatment systems without stopping the purification process. Treatment of wastewater with x-ray radiation requires a preliminary comprehensive laboratory study. It is necessary to analyze chemical, biological, bacterial and other compounds in the water.
X-ray technology is the most effective means for cleaning highly polluted waters, which are not coped with by classical methods of cleaning. This technology does not replace existing cleaning systems, but complements them.
Areas of application of waste water treatment complexes with x-ray radiation
Industrial enterprise
Cleaning of water and silt deposits from chemical contamination
Agricultural complexes
Cleaning of water and silt deposits from viruses, biological and bacteriological contamination, as well as contamination with antibiotics and hormones
Cleaning of water and silt deposits from viruses, biological, bacteriological and chemical contamination
The degree of water pollution depends on the degree of contamination of the sludge
Technology benefits
Benefits of Processing Technology accelerated electrons and x-ray
The treatment of wastewater with ionizing radiation requires a preliminary comprehensive laboratory study. An analysis of chemical, biological, bacterial and other compounds in water is required.
Caring for the environment
Processing by ionizing radiation makes it possible to reuse wastewater
Advantages of the complex

Ready-made sterilization modules for placement within enterprises
Module is ready for installation and does not require construction work
Modes of Operations
  • E-beam
  • X-Ray
Installation within an enterprise
  • Complete installation of a module from 3 to 6 months
    Possibility of integration into the existing technological water treatment system without stopping the treatment process
Compact dimensions
6m x 2.2m x 4m (radiation shielding - metal)
8m x 6.5m x 6m (radiation shielding - concrete)

  • Module is equipped with radiation dose control sensors
  • Metal or concrete shielding provides complete protection against radiation
The productivity of a module is from 120 tons per hour. Depends on the degree of contamination and the composition of the pollutants
Advantages of complex usage at the enterprise
  • Possibility of continuous use of the complex
  • Integration into existing cleaning systems, without stopping the process
Quality assurance
  • Water treated with ionizing radiation will meet the standards. It will be free of chemical, biological and other pollutants
Social Responsibility
  • Installation of the complex is proof of the company's social responsibility
Reduce spending
  • Possible reduction of costs for other types of cleaning
  • Minimization of claims about the quality and safety of wastewater from residents and eco-activists
Ecological aspect
  • Waste water pollutes and poisons the ecosystem. Wastewater treatment will have a positive impact on the environmental situation

Implemented projects in the world on the use of ionizing radiation for wastewater treatment enterprises
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