Sterilization of meat
Sterilization complex of our company can be implemented for processing chilled (+3° С +4° C) beef mince in package with inert-gas blanket CO2 as well as frozen (-18° C) beef mince in airvoid package. Also indoor temperature meat might be irradiated.
Why is it needed to process beef mince by e-beam method?
It is well known that there are a lot of different kinds of pathogenic bacteria in raw meat, which are very dangerous for human health. For instance: Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Bacillus cereus and many others. The risk of foodborne disease is very high. Beef mince irradiation by e-beam accelerator provides an opportunity to decrease allergic response and different diseases.
Results after ionizing radiation
Beef mince and meat products irradiation by sterilization complexes of our company allows you to decrease the amount of all pathogenic bacteria and dangerous microorganisms till . The shelf life of beef mince and meat products after irradiation increases because of microorganism's reduction, for example chilled meat at the temperature +3 ° C can be stored up to 60 days. The productivity can reach 50 tons per hour. Consequently you produce ecologically friendly product without any harsh preservatives.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
Meat irradiation by e-beam accelerator is completely safe, sterilization does not affect the organoleptic properties, taste and color properties remain unchanged after sterilization, and there is no residual radiation in the product. Recontamination of meat products until the usage is not possible, because meat processing can be done in package as well. Thus, sterilization provides guaranteed quality of meat and the nutrition value is essentially unchanged.
Variants of placement of sterilization complex in production.
Advantages of using sterilization complexes of company "Beam Complex"
The compact size lets us place it promptly in the production area of your company and doesn`t claim for seperate building, you can see it on the picture below with number 1. Also there is a possibility to locate sterilization complex close to production area in seperate building and provide services for particular producer as well as for other companies, it is shown on the picture with number 2.
There is no need to utilize radioactive waste, there is no contamination from chemicals and Cobalt-60. Sterilization facility is electrically powered, which means that companies will conserve electricity by spending it only during sterilization process, you can switch it off when you need.
The absence of cargo handling operations excludes the faults in air-tightness. The absence of auto shipment to third-party sterilization complex necessity excludes transportation costs.
No risk of temperature abuse, safety violation during the transportation.
Professional employees of your company can controll the process and doses of irradiation.
The company manufactures sterilization complexes with different productivity for more effective work. Our sterilization complex in terms of maximum productivity can irradiate up to 100 tons per hour.