Sterilization of fruits and vegetables
Sterilization complex of our company can process fruits (mango, lychee, pineapples, citrus etc.) and vegetables (potatoes, onions, garlic) among others.
Why is it needed to process fruits and vegetables by e-beam method?
The duration of storage period of fruits, berries and vegetables is determined by the activity of microorganisms on their surface. Fruits and vegetables processing by ionizing radiation allows to get rid of such dangerous insects as Drosophila (fruit fly), granary weevil etc.
Results after ionizing irradiation
As it is known, many decomposers are very sensitive to radiation. Fruits and vegetables processing by e-beam ionization significantly extend the shelf life thanks to prevention of food spoilage and destruction of Drosophila (fruit fly), granary weevil and other insects. For example, processed potatoes at the temperature +15 C can be stored over 18 month. Besides, fruits and vegetables processing prevents tuber sprouting and does not affect taste and smell, which often happens during the heat-treating.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
The quality of processed fruits and vegetables does not change after sterilization, because e-beam irradiation use not very high level of energy and does not cause significant biochemical changes. Sterilization does not affect the organoleptic properties, taste and color properties remain unchanged after sterilization, and there is no residual radiation in the product, thus the method is safe and fast.