Sterilization of grains
Sterilization complex for grain (wheat, rye, oats, corn, rice, soybeans etc.) irradiates unpacked products with productivity up to 50 tons per hour. Grain receiving goes from a ship or railway transport to grain elevator and shipment of gain goes vice versa from grain elevator to ship or railway transport.
Why is it needed to process grain by e-beam method?
The main purpose of grain irradiation is complete destruction of all grain insects (insects deinfestation).
Results after ionizing irradiation
Grain processing by e-beam method provides complete destruction of all insects, such as grain weevil, corn borer, saw-tooth grain beetle; this is very effective method against different bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
There is no environment pollution.
Rejection of chemical processing without any biological damage and decrease of crop yields.
Organoleptic properties do not change.
Grain humidity decreases (grain drying).
Irradiation process can be easily mechanized and automated.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
Traditional processing of grain using different chemicals can be extremely dangerous for human health while grain processing by electron-beam has no affect on taste and nutritional value stays the same. This is absolutely safe and fast method of processing.
The possibility of placing the complexes on the territory of the manufacturer or directly in the port.