Commercial offer for replacing Co-60 with accelerators
of electrons with x-ray energy
Complexes for replacing Co-60 with accelerators
of electrons with x-ray energy of 600 kKu
Universal sterilization complex.
Maximum package size 1200Х500х1200mm
Complexes for sterilization on pallets.
Maximum pallet size 1200Х1200х1600mm
The international research & production company "BeamComplex"
manufactures compact sterilization complexes for placement inside the facilities for products sterilization and treatment with ionizing radiation.

Based on the electron beam accelerator which converts electric power to X-Ray beams, compact complexes were developed for replacement of spent isotopes Cobalt-60 in the existing sterilization centers.
The complexes are intended for ensuring a nonstop sterilization process during replacing of Co-60 by the electron accelerator. The complex is a finished product which consists of the electron accelerator with local
radiation protection. Inside the complex different conveyor systems can be installed for connecting with existing systems in the sterilization center. One of the scenarios of smooth transition from using Cobalt 60 to implementing the electron accelerator is to place the complex close to the bunker with the used source of Cobalt 60 and running of both systems simultaneously. After completing of disassembling activities for Cobalt 60 the antibacterial treatment is performed by the electron accelerator only. As a result we ensure a nonstop process of the products treatment during replacement of Co-60 with the electron accelerator, which helps our customers to exclude the risk of losses.

Benefits of using complexes with local radiation protection for replacement of Co-60
  • The complexes are finished products designed for installing inside the facilities without construction works.
  • The complex consists of the electron accelerator; the hull which is the base of radiation protection; system of management and radiation control, ozone-exhaust, refrigeration, firefighting, and other systems.
  • Many systems existing in the sterilization centers can be used for operations of the complex with the electron accelerator for decreasing the price of the complex.
  • The complex can be also allocated in an additionally constructed hall connected with the sterilization center.
  • Before designing the internal conveyor complex, we are completing an analysis of the existing transport system of the facility for ensuring full connection and integration.
  • We are producing the complexes for replacing Cobalt 60:
  • The complex for sterilization on pallets is designed for X-ray treatment of the products on pallets. It ensures the treatment and sterilization through the entire depth of the products. The dimensions of the treated products on pallets can be up to 1200 Х 1200 Х 1600mm. The complex is accompanied with the conveyor system, which ensures an equal dose distribution within the product.

  • The universal complex is designed for treatment of the products in X-ray and E-beam regimes.
  • Operation of the electron accelerator in E-beam regime ensures the treatment of the products with high efficiency with the products' width up to 50 mm and density up to 1 t/m3
  • X-ray treatment of the products is processed in the packages with maximum dimensions of 1200 Х 1200 Х 500mm

Replacement of Cobalt 60 isotopes by the electron accelerator has a list of undeniable advantages:
  • After replacement of Co-60 isotopes by the complex with the electron accelerator there is no necessity of purchasing Co-60 isotopes every 6 years.
  • The thermal energy of the refrigeration system of the electron beam accelerator can be used for heating of all production units.
  • The complex can be used for the periods of lower electricity tariffs.

Technical parameters of the complexes:

• Electron beam accelerator: energy 5 MeV, Wattage 100 kW.
X-Ray energy generated by the electron accelerator is equal to 600 kKu
• Temperature of treated products: from -32°C to +50°C.
• Complexes dimensions:
12 x 4 x 5 m (metal radiation protection)
Materials which can be used for radiation protection: metal, concrete.
• Power consumption: up to 450 kW/h depending on the used type of electron accelerator.
• Wattage of the power source: the complex should be connected to the power source with the minimum wattage of 600 kW
• Voltage required: 360-440V.
• Current frequency: 50-60Hz.
• Refrigeration system is manufactured considering climate conditions and other features.
Supplies for electron accelerators:
1. Impulse generator GI-50 :
Operational lifetime 1.5 - 3 years (depending on intensity of use)
Price starts from 6000 USD
For one accelerator 3 pcs are required.
2. Electron gun :
Operational lifetime 1.5 - 2 years
Price starts from 300 USD

Requirements to the premises for complexes placement:
The roof height – from 4 m;

Our company is preparing the client's specialists for further running of the complexes.
We offer different options of shipment on terms of payment by installments for a long period.
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