Sterilization of poultry meat
Sterilization complex of our company can be implemented for all parts of poultry, for example chicken innards, dressed poultry, chicken breast, chicken mince, thigh, chicken leg quarter without bonds etc. Frozen poultry (-18 ° C) can be irradiated in airvoid package, chilled poultry (+3 ° +4 ° C) in package with inert-gas blanket CO2. Sterilization complex can be located inside the production, enterprise or manufactory and connected to processor chain by conveyor.
Why is it needed to process poultry by e-beam method?
It is very high probability to face dangerous and harmful bacteria in raw chicken meat, such as Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter and many others. The effects of irradiation on poultry have been studied extensively for many years and it was proven that the most effective method against microorganisms and different bacteria is ionizing irradiation.
Results after ionizing radiation
During the process of poultry irradiation by e-beam accelerator all dangerous bacteria and microorganisms die, consequently the shelf life of chicken meat prolongs in many times. For instance, storage period of chilled poultry at temperature +3 C can reach over 40 days. That allows producers to supply fresh products with long storage period to domestic market as well as export poultry with guaranteed quality. Productivity is up to 50 tons per hour.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
Poultry irradiation by e-beam accelerator is completely safe, sterilization does not affect the organoleptic properties, taste and color properties remain unchanged after sterilization, and there is no residual radiation in the product. Recontamination of meat products until the usage is not possible, because meat processing can be done in package as well. Thus, sterilization provides guaranteed quality of meat and the nutrition value is essentially unchanged.
Sterilization complex at a poultry plant.