Sterilization of seafood
One sterilization complex of our company is implemented for seafood processing, especially for shrimps, shellfish, clams etc. Chilled shrimps (+3 +4 C) can be irradiated in bulk in one layer, frozen shrimps (-18 С) in briquette and in ice package.
Why is it needed to process shrimps by e-beam method?
Shrimps are perishable products, which cause extremely fast generation of different bacteria that is why it is almost impossible to grow shrimps without using antibiotics, which badly affects human health. According to different scientific researches, ionising radiation provides the maximum antibiotic destruction in seafood.
Results after ionizing irradiation
Reduction of antibiotics concentration in shrimps happens in parallel with the process of complete destruction of all bacteria in it. When electron-beam accelerator influence the seafood product, antibiotics residues that occur in shrimps after feeding, are completely destroyed as well as all kind of bacteria.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
Sterilization does not affect the organoleptic properties; taste and color properties remain unchanged, irradiation by e-beam is the most effective, safe and fast method of processing. Taking into account the fact that all technological process of sterilization is aseptic, repeated infection of pathogenic bacteria is excluded.