Sterilization of spices
Sterilization complex of our company is used for processing of spices, herbs and seasonings in bulk without package with productivity of 50 tons per hour.
Why is it needed to process spices by e-beam method?
Microorganisms often contaminate spices, herbs and seasonings. The main purpose of e-beam irradiation is deactivation of microbes.
Results after ionizing irradiation
During the processing by e-beam ionization all dangerous microbes completely eliminated. Ionizing irradiation does not affect the organoleptic properties, while processing method using chemicals leads to aroma and flavor loss and can be potentially dangerous for human health.
Is the product safe after sterilization?
Spices processing by electron-beam accelerator is more effective and safe method of bacteria destruction than heat-treating and there is no residual chemicals after processing. You get ecologically friendly product with guaranteed quality after sterilization.