Dried fruits and nuts is an important source of nutrients and minerals for a healthy nutrition of humans.
Dried fruits are also one of the dirtiest product just like spices due to high risk of contamination with pathogens and insects, such as blue stain fungus, weevil, tick, moth, pyralidae, etc.


Electron accelerator generates electron beam and X-Rays that penetrate the product and induce breaks in the DNA of pathogens, insects and their larvae.

The temperature of treated dried fruits and nuts may vary from -32°C to 50°C.

Treatment of dried fruits and nuts by ionizing radiation allows elimination of chemicals use.

Dried fruits and nuts require a considerably higher dose of ionizing radiation compared to other food products. It is also advisable to to treat packed products to avoid repeat contamination.
Results of dried fruits and nuts treatment by ionizing radiation
  • extends their shelf life
  • reduction to permitted levels or complete elimination of pathogens, moulds, fungus, insects and their larvae, as well as viruses
  • eliminates repeat contamination after products treatment in sealed packaging
  • Cellular and molecular structure of produce is not affected by radiation. All nutrients are retained for the entire duration of shelf life.
  • no residual radiation, no free radicals

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