X-Ray treatment of mail and postal cargo
Since ancient times, people have exchanged information and goods. Personal communication was necessary for exchange. Today, most information is transmitted digitally with no face-to-face meeting. And the information that we transmit digitally is protected by various systems, unlike mail forwarding of letters and cargo.

At present, when there are outbreaks of bacterial infections, we have consequences that need to be addressed. One of the most effective ways to combat bacterial infections is to implement comprehensive measures to prevent them.
Sterilization of mail shipments by x-ray radiation can be a precautionary measure to combat infections.

The technology of x-ray sterilization of products is more than 120 years old and it will destroy 100% of pathogenic microorganisms. Products can be processed in the package. The sterilization process takes place within a few seconds without changing the temperature of the materials, leaving no radiation in them..
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