Substitution of Co-60 with an Electron Accelerator

Beamcomplex has developed compact size modules with in-built electron accelerator with the purpose of installation in existing gamma irradiation treatment centers to gradually shift to E-Beam and X-Ray treatment to replace spent Co-60 isotopes.

One of the options of gradual replacement of Co-60 by electron accelerator is to place a module next to a bunker with Co-60 isotopes, and operate both systems. After utilization of spent isotopes of Co-60, the treatment will be done by using electron accelerator only. Thus, substitution of Co-60 with electron accelerator ensures uninterrupted operations of irradiation center when shifting to a new technology and supports customers retention.
Universal Irradiation module.
Maximum package size 500Х600х600mm
Module for treatment of palletized products.
Maximum dimensions 1200Х1200х1600mm
  • Electron accelerator is powered by electricity, and it can be switched off when not in use.
    Possibility of operating it during off-peak electricity hours or using renewable sources;
  • Electron accelerator allows operations in two modes: X-Ray treatment and electron beam treatment which is 20 times faster;
  • Elimination of potential industrial disasters danger;
  • Treatment of products can be carried out at any temperature
  • Possibility of treatment of products packed in pallets;
  • There's no need to replenish Co-60 or utilize spent isotopes.
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