Fresh fruits and berries, which are transported between countries and regions, may harbor invasive pests that could become established in new areas harming crops, the environment, livelihoods and economies.

Phytosanitary irradiation is a treatment that uses ionizing radiation on commodities, such as fruits and berries to inactivate insect pests. This method is used for international food trade as a means to prevent spread of non-native organisms.
For over 40 years the world's largest producers of fruit use irradiation for treatment of their products. It eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, guarantees quality and prolongs its shelf life.

Currently, the world has formed the industry for processing products by ionizing radiation. In large cities, sterilization centers are located at a great distance, that's why sometimes manufacturers are forced to deliver their products for distances over a thousands kilometers.

BeamComplex has developed a compact irradiation module intended for inhouse use by industries.

Processing by accelerated electrons is the use of electron energy and x-ray radiation (ionizing radiation) to kill insects and their larvae, reduce pathogenic microorganisms, and stop the fruit ripening process.

When processing fruit, the temperature of the room with the complex should be from + 4 ° C to + 15 ° C. Temperature of processed products from -32 ° C to + 4 ° C

The principle of action of ionizing radiation:
An electron accelerator generates electrons and accelerates them to the speed of light; electrons penetrate the product; DNA destruction of insects and larvae, pathogenic microorganisms occurs.
Processing fruits with ionizing radiation makes it possible to exclude processing with chemicals. Stopping ripening allows you to increase shelf life, expand markets and increase export volumes.

During treatment with ionizing radiation, the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms is torn
During treatment with ionizing radiation, the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms is torn


  • destroys insects and their larvae, reduces the number of pathogens
  • ensures longer shelf life
  • provides high quality of products and their safety for whole shelf life
  • slows ripening
  • cellular and molecular structure of produce is not affected by radiation
  • organoleptic properties are retained for the entire product shelf life
  • lowers the risk of food borne illnesses
  • no residual radiation and no free radicalsin products after irradiation treatment
The module is designed for inhouse processing fruits and berries packed in cartons or pallets
The module is designed for inhouse processing fruits and berries packed in cartons or pallets
  • Complex can be operated at any time at your production area
  • The company gets independence from the companies that previously sterilized products
  • The complex works from the electrical grid and use electricity only at the time of sterilization of products (in contrast to the use of the Co-60 isotope, which dissolves energy constantly, even when the sterilization process is not ongoing).
Quality assurance
  • Self-monitoring of sterilization process

Income growth
  • Dramatically increase the safety and shelf-life of meat
  • Expand to new markets
  • Expanding production lines
  • Opportunity to process products for third parties
Decrease spending
  • Reduce the cost related to delivery to other sterilization complexes
  • Complex cooling system can be used as a heating system of working areas
  • Complex can be used at night time with reduced electricity rate
  • Prevention of financial losses due to lack of claims on product quality
Consumer trust
  • Consumers will choose your product because they will be confident in its quality.
Easy Implementation
  • The module can be connected to the existing conveyor system
  • Installation does not require additional construction and does not affect the work processes
  • The module can be easily moved to desired location
Approximately one-third of all food production is either thrown away or wasted - in Europe alone, it is 88 million tons of food per year.

Ionizing radiation processing will increase the shelf life, provide quality assurance and make the fruit safe for consumers. The need to process fruit from insects and harmful microorganisms is an important task to increase export to provide high-quality products to people in all regions of the world.
The accelerated electron processing technology is only a tool. Our main purpose is to minimize losses and provide the maximum number of people on Earth with safe products.