A high level of quality of life of the world's population depends, among other things, on high-quality food. The use of ionizing radiation technology to reduce the level of pathogenic microorganisms in poultry products creates conditions for the stable growth of the industry and ensures safety of food circulation.
The production processes of poultry meat carry a risk of contamination with bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Wax bacillus, and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause foodborne diseases and lead to various infections.

Irradiation by electron accelerators uses high energy of electrons and X-rays to induce breaks in DNA of pathogens, and thus kill them.
The temperature of irradiated poultry products can vary from -32°C to +5°C. The products can be treated in any kind of packaging.

Results of poultry irradiation
  • the reduction of pathogenic micro-organisms
  • elimination of repeat contamination as products can be processed in sealed packaging
  • increases shelf life
  • cellular and molecular structure of poultry meat is not affected. Micro and macronutrients (vitamins, proteins, fats, amino acids) and minerals are retained.
  • partial reduction of the content of antibiotics and hormones in the product
  • no residual radiation in the product after treatment
Module for irradiation of palletized products
Universal module