The result of sand irradiation: Sand particle shape becomes suitable for using the sand in concrete mixes.
Module for sand irradiation

Sand irradiation enables the use of desert sand for construction purposes.

Beamcomplex module is a ready-to-install container type system.

Installation and commissioning of a module doesn't require a production halt.

Maximum dimensions of a module:
12 x 4 x 5,5 m (metal radiation shielding)
17 x 7,5 x 6,5 m (concrete radiation shielding)

Modules consist of:
electron accelerator, radiation shielding body, integrated conveyor system, radiation monitoring system, control system, cooling system, ozone exhaust system, etc.

The specification depends on the customer's requirements.

The model of an electron accelerator (energy, power) can be selected according to the needed throughput.

Power consumption: up to 450 kW/h
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