Complexes for replacing Co-60 with an electron accelerator
Universal sterilization complex
Maximum package size 1100X500x500mm
Complex for sterilization on pallets
Maximum dimensions of pallets 1200X1200x1600mm
The international research and production enterprise "BeamComplex" is a manufacturer of compact sterilization complexes intended for placement inside enterprises for sterilization and processing of products by ionizing radiation. The enterprise, together with the institutes of nuclear physics in different countries, designs and manufactures sterilization monoblocks in local radiation protection.

At the moment, based on a specially designed electron-beam accelerator, compact sterilization complexes have been developed for placement in existing sterilization centers to replace the spent Co-60 isotopes.

The complexes provide non-stop sterilization of products at the time of switching from Co-60 to an electron accelerator. Thus, when replacing Co-60 with an electron accelerator, provides a guarantee of continuous operation, which helps to eliminate the risk of loss of customers who are provided with sterilization services. After development of the Co-60 isotope, the transition to sterilization takes place only by BeamComplex.

Advantages of using complexes with local radiation protection during replacement isotope Co-60
  • The complexes are a finished product and are intended for placement inside enterprises. The complex consists of an electron accelerator; enclosures, which are radiation protection; conveyor belt; control systems, radiation monitoring, ozone exhaust, cooling, fire extinguishing and other systems..
  • Due to the fact that the complexes have local radiation protection, it is possible to place them inside the sterilization center in another room, next to the hopper where the Co-60 source is located. The complex can also be located on the territory of the sterilization center in an additionally built room, adjacent to the sterilization center.
  • Before designing the internal conveyor of the complex, the company analyzes the existing transport system operating at the facility. For complete docking and integration, the company offers for placement either a universal complex or a complex for processing products on pallets.
  • The complex for processing products on pallets is designed for processing large-sized products on pallets in X-ray mode. Provides processing and sterilization to the full depth of the product. Sizes of processed products on pallets up to 1200mm X 1200mm X 1600mm;
  • Provides sterilization of products on a transported pallet. No overload on other transport containers required;
  • The complex is equipped with conveyor systems that provide rotation of the pallet with products around its axis under X-ray radiation, which affects the product along the entire height of the pallet. This ensures a uniform dose distribution in the product.
  • The universal complex is designed to process products in X-ray and E-beam modes. Provides processing and sterilization to the full depth of the product. E-beam processing provides high-performance product processing. Sizes of processed products in packages with sizes up to 1100mm X 500mm X 500mm;

Additional advantages:
  • After replacing the Co-60 isotope with a complex with an electron accelerator, there is no need to purchase the Co-60 isotope every 6 years.
  • Possibility of using thermal energy of the electron-beam accelerator cooling system for heating or cooling of all production premises of the enterprise
  • The possibility of using the complex during the application of preferential tariffs for the cost of electricity

Technical specification
• Electron beam accelerator: energy 5 MeV, power 100 kW.
• Complexes are equipped with air drying systems.
• Temperature of the processed products: from -32 ° C to + 50 ° C.
• Dimensions of complexes:
12m x 4m x 5m (metal shielding);
17m x 7.5m x 5m (concrete shielding).
• Complex weight: 22 tons without radiation protection.
• Electricity consumption: up to 450 kW per hour, depending on the electron accelerator used.
• Source power: the complex is connected to a source with a power of at least 600 kW
• Power consumption: 380V.
• Current frequency: 50Hz.
• Cooling system: local. Power depending on climatic conditions and temperature conditions of the premises.

Space requirements for placement of complexes
1. Ceiling height - from 6 m;
2. Area - from 500m2 (at least 20m X 25m).

Types of processed products
• Medical devices;
• Polyethylene containers for storing food products;
• Precious and semi-precious minerals;
• Leather;
• Sterilization of waste from hospitals and pharmacological enterprises;
• Berries;
• Fruits (mango, pineapple, papaya, etc.);
• Cereals;
• Rice flour;
• Gum arabic;
• Dehydrated blood, plasma and coagulates;
• Egg white;
• Casein;
• Vegetables (potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.);
• Fish and seafood (shellfish, crustaceans, etc.)
• Meat and poultry;
• Spices, dried fruits, nuts;
• compound feed;
• Production of nano-powders;
• Production of heat-shrink materials.

The company prepares specialists provided by the buyer for further work with the complex.

Our company offers you to consider the possibility of acquiring a sterilization complex in order to replace the Co-60 isotope and further work with an electron-beam accelerator. The company is ready to consider the option of delivering the complex on the terms of installment payments.
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