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More safer. More eco-friendlier.
Treatment of finished products and raw materials
More safier.
More eco-friendlier.
Technology of treatment with ionizing radiation
X-ray radiation, penetrating into the product, destroys the DNA of all pathogenic microorganisms, viruses.

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Choose a complex, depending on the processed products, package sizes and desired performance

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BeamComplex sterilization center
Sterilization centers with built-in sterilization complexes. Designed for placement in seaports, airports, logistics centers, etc.

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Products safety after irradiation
Check out reports on the safety of using ionizing radiation for product processing of leading scientists and associations.
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BeamComplex takes care of the environment
Find out how using BeamComplex can positively impact the global environmental situation.
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Frequently asked Questions
Find quick answers to common issues and frequently asked questions, or ask yours.

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