Beamcomplex is a research and manufacturing company in the field of nuclear physics. The company produces block sterilization complexes with electron accelerators.

Complexes are engineered for processing with roentgen radiation (X-ray) and accelerated electrons (eBeam) of following products and materials:

      The complex is unique as it is a readymade set of modular type products for quick installing directly at objects - sterilization centers, production facilities, warehouse terminals.

      The main concept: ''Quick set - quick work start''
      Radiation module can be installed:
      1. inside the production facility
      2. in stand-alone building
      Sterilization complex consists of 4 modules:
      Radiation, Electronic equipment, Cooling system, Monitoring and control systems
      1. Radiation module
      Consists of:
      - base housing for radiation protection (formwork for the manufacture of radiation protection is included in the package)
      - universal electron accelerator
      - built-in system for supplying products to the zone of ionizing irradiation (conveyor, pipelines or other systems)

      maximum dimensions for concrete - 17*8 m
      minimum dimensions for metal - 4*3 m

      The conveyor system is made to order based on the following customer requirements:
      - method of processing products (in boxes, bags, pallets, in bulk)
      - maximum dimensions of packaging with products
      - thickness and density of the packaging material
      - productive capacity kg/h
      - types of processed products

      Electron accelerator: energy from 1 to 5 meV, power from 20 to 100 kW. Mode of operation: e-Beam and X-ray. The transition time from one mode to another is 3 minutes.

      2. Electronic equipment module
      Dimensions - 20' container.

      3. Cooling system module
      Dimensions - 20' container.

      4. Monitoring and control systems module
      Radiation module shield can be produced in two variants:

      1. Radiation shield can be manufactured with decking package which is attached to module after installing module on the object and poured with concrete. Concrete thickness in radiation shield when installed in radiation module of accelerator of 5MeV will be 2.5 meters.

      2. Radiation Module is produced with voids in walls where metal powder mixter is put after installing module at facility. Thickness of powder for accelerator of 5 MeV is 630 mm.

      Radiation module shield made of metal powder is produced on the analogue of radiation shield of atomic submarine tanker.

      Products thickness of 50 mm - processing with eBeam
      Products thinkness of more than 50 mm– processing with X-ray

      *products thinkness of 50mm were taken with account for product density of 1 gram per cubic cm. With products density in a pack of 0.25 gram per cubic cm the thinkness of products can be 200 mm. Processing with eBeam.

      *productivity depends on the dose of radiation required for sterilization and reduction of pathogenic microorganisms
      to acceptable levels, taking into account the initial degree of product contamination
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      Video 1: Electron accelerator at assembling facility

      Video 2: Conveyor system (box)

      Video 3: Module loading