Spices have been used for thousands of years to improve the flavor of dishes. They are an integral part of any cuisine in the world.

Spice making is a complex process that requires additional treatment to eliminate pathogens. Using ionizing radiation technology in the processing of such complex products as spices or herbs is one way to achieve maximum sterility.

Ionizing radiation working principle

Electron accelerator generates electron beam and X-Rays that penetrate the product and induce breaks in the DNA of pathogens, insects and their larvae.

The temperature of treated product may vary from 0°C to 50°C.

Results of spice and herbs irradiation
Treatment results in reduction to permitted levels or complete elimination of pathogens, moulds, fungus, insects and their larvae, as well as viruses.

Technology for treatment of products in sealed packaging eliminates repeat contamination and increases product shelf life. An increase in storage periods allows expanding sales markets and increasing export quantities.

Cellular and molecular structure of produce is not affected by radiation.

Organoleptic qualities are retained.

The irradiation reduces the need for preservatives or eliminates it completely.

There is no residual radiation in spice and herbs after treatment by Beamcomplex modules, and no free radicals. Multiple research papers have proven consumption safety of foods processed by electron beam and X-Ray.

Beamcomplex manufactures ready-to-install modules that consist of a container type body, in-built electron accelerator, integrated conveyor system, cooling system, ozone exhaust system and other ancillary systems.

Modules are designed for placement at production sites, as well as in irradiation facilities for inline processing of products.

The company manufactures the following models for spice irradiation:

1. Module for irradiation of bulk products. The treatment is done by electron beam.
Throughput: from 7.5 to 36 MT/h

2. Universal module. Designed for treatment of products:
a. packed in small size packaging with height up to 200 mm. The treatment is done by electron beam, and the throughput is from 7.5 to 36 MT/h.
b. packed in boxes or bags with dimensions up to 1100х500х500 mm. The treatment is done by X-Ray and the throughput is up to 1.8 MT/h.

3. Module for treatment of palletized products.
Palletized products can be irradiated in X-Ray mode.
Throughput: Up to 1.8 MT/h.

4. Container irradiation facility for treatment of 20 and 40 ft containers.
The treatment is done by X-Ray without destuffing the container.
Throughput: up to 1.8 MT/h.

When designing modules Beamcomplex takes the following information into consideration: types of products to be irradiated, treatment process (bulk, in cartons, pallets, etc), and needed throughput. A variety of models of electron accelerators can be used in modules, with energy from 1 to 5 MeV and electron beam power from 20 to 100 kW. All electron accelerators operate both in E-Beam and X-Ray modes.
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