Irradiation treatment of spices and herbs
Spices have been used for thousands of years to improve the taste of dishes. They are an integral part of any cuisine in the world.
Spice making is a complex process that requires additional treatment to eliminate pathogens. Using ionizing radiation technology in the processing of such complex products as spices or herbs is one way to achieve maximum sterility.
The evolution of ionizing radiation technology
Over 40 years in the world, the largest manufacturers of spices and herbs process their products with ionizing radiation, which eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, guarantees quality and prolongs its shelf life.

Currently, the world has formed the industry for processing products by ionizing radiation. In large cities, sterilization centers are located at a great distance, that's why sometimes manufacturers are forced to deliver their products for distances over a thousands kilometers.

BeamComplex has developed compact modules for inhouse use by industries.
Results of spices and herbs treatment with
ionizing radiation
Treatment results in reduction to permitted levels or complete elimination of pathogens, mold, fungus, insects and their larvae, as well as viruses

The only treatment technology of products in sealed packaging that eliminates repeat contamination and increases product shelf life. An increase in storage periods allows expanding sales markets and increasing export quantities.

Cellular and molecular structure of produce is not affected by radiation.

The irradiation treatment reduces the need for preservatives or eliminates it completely.

There is not residual radiation in products after ionizing irradiation treatment, and no free radicals.
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